What If

Photo by Anjana C on Pexels.com

What if, for once, you did not see an image of yourself in the mirror and think about all the things you want to change? And on the other side, what if you went an entire day without taking a single selfie?
If you didn’t look at the woman on the train or tram or on the street and bless your stars you don’t look like her? So she has bad taste, or awful hair or maybe her bottom would be nicer if she didn’t wear leggings. But ultimately, she must think she is ok -aesthetics aren’t necessarily the same for everyone. If you want to be truly self conscious for a day, bear in mind that someone might be thinking the same thing about you.
What if we all stopped saying, “walk a mile in their shoes…” because when we are really honest, we neither want to and we couldn’t even if we tried. Not everyone’s shoes fit you. And if you really want to try their shoes, then do so with your whole heart. Immerse yourself in them.
What if we looked up at the sky and just enjoyed the blue sky? Or ran around in the rain for no reason at all? Or just grew flowers for the joy of flowers? What if we all did something, just once in a while for no reason at all? Not everything in life has to be tagged with something profound. And for whom is it profound? You? Or are you just stating the obvious? Words have become cheap currency and more often than not, the accompanying spelling is horrifying.
What if we actually cared about something and didn’t tell the whole world about it?
What if you savour your fried crickets and keep it to yourself? Would that spell the end of cricket savouring? Would the planet suddenly grind to a halt because you didn’t tell everyone who might be cognisant that you just had an enormously satisfying cricket on a stick? Why can’t we keep food to ourselves once in a while? It is more sinfully satisfying when you don’t share it.
What if we said something and actually meant it?
Saying you are going to save the planet is a tall order which you actually have no hope of accomplishing. Shouting it very loudly isn’t going to make it happen either. Why not just commit to recycling? Or take the bicycle to work? Or turn off the lights when you leave the room? Or stop using palm oil? Or throw plastic out of your life? And then really do it? Turn these into lofty goals you can truly accomplish instead of one huge, all encompassing, unachievable idea that is vague on the outside and perfectly impossible on the inside.
What if, for just a day, you could think of doing one single thing instead of several? Today, you really will visit your mum. Or you will go for a walk, leaving the phone at home and lose yourself in a little bit of nature?
What if we all stopped saying “Be the change you want to see…” Why not just truly change something even if it is the tiniest thing on the planet. Think not about what you can change to help humanity but what you can change to help yourself and in turn, with your little change, you might set off waves. But don’t expect them. Not everything has to come with a prize. A job well done, is a job well done. Satisfaction should be your happiest reward.
What if, for a moment, we stopped being overly tolerant and admitted we simply haven’t the patience to carry on trying to understand? What if you really thought about what you believe in? And not what you think you should believe in? Belief should not be reduced to the flavour of the month. It is something that finds a home in your soul.
What if you took a bite out of the apple of individuality and suddenly find you actually like it?
Chances are you will survive.

“Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.”

Lord Byron

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