Have Book, will Travel

As I have said before, my dear readers, this site is not necessarily about travelling. It contains snippets about places I have been to though the intention isn’t primarily to make you go there. It is just a view through a keyhole.
Lately, I have not been travelling. In fact, I really don’t know when I will have that privilege again (yes, I do view travel as a privilege and not as my right but that is a different story altogether). I have been around Switzerland – a madcap journey from Bern to Lugano, by bus to Chur and then by train to Zürich and home again – some 600 kilometres in a day. But I honestly don’t feel like writing about it. What can I say about Lugano that you haven’t heard before?
It feels like the Mediterranean.
It looks mediterranean.
The architecture looks Italian in a Swiss sort of way.
The food is Italian.
The lake is blue and looks a bit like the sea if you pretend it does.

So I won’t write about Lugano. Or about that journey. The whole point of that day out was to get away from Bern and not necessarily to document anything at all. I can say that if anyone wants to do the same journey, it is very pleasant and perfect if you need to air out the cobwebs in your head.

So today I will tell you how I have been travelling for the past 2 years.
Through books.
In our modern world, where we seem to want everything faster, shorter, louder and possibly easier, books seem to have taken a back seat. Does anyone truly collect them anymore? My mother encouraged me to read. I was a rather irritating child, whole wanted to know everything at once, so I could ask her how to bake bread in the same sentence as to why don’t fish breathe air. Through her, I discovered the endless joy of encyclopedias. Yes, those tumultuous volumes that filled up at least one bookshelf in any study, and suddenly fell out of fashion. The last Encylcopedia Britannica was published in 2012 and the company are focussing on their efforts online.

But why go to the trouble of going online when my Pears Cyclopedia has a Dictionary of the Toilet? 

In a book, I can dream of elephants in tall jungles. I can travel to a land where everyone is happy. Or I can cry in a Russian winter misery. Have book, can travel…

One thought on “Have Book, will Travel

  1. Thank you, Sebastian! I am trying to revitalize this site, have been very neglectful. But at least you see I can write something different! Your like is very appreciated!


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