Balcony Holiday

“We’re all going on a summer holiday…”

Well, maybe not.

In the scope of things, I have traveled to exotic places this past year. With my plants.

Marigolds remind me of my distant home in Dhaka where drive way to my home was lined with potted marigold sentries. Of spending hours with my ayah making garlands to wear in our hair.

Orchids – jungles and elephants, heady smells of the undergrowth.

Passion flowers belong in Goa, the sun setting in a clear Indian sky, and I fell in love forever.

Nasturiums, sunflowers and morning glories – the eternal travellers who find a home by the sunny sea, in distant hills and in every garden of my childhood, happily smile through the summer on my balcony, filling my space with light.

Summer is coming and with it, my far away homes will once again, be one step closer.

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