Musings with Tongue in Cheek

I think perhaps, dear readers, we can agree things are not really as they should be. We cheer when we should cry, we weep when we should be screaming in anger and we can’t even agree if we have anything left to laugh about anymore. It is not OK for a man to stand up in public and defend his wife’s honour – he must be branded a monster, a violent freak who should be run out of town, preferably sitting backwards on a donkey while the furious mob pelts him with mud. He must apologise to the man who insulted his wife otherwise his entire livelihood could be at stake.

We cheer and admire the rich sots who have inflated their egos beyond human capabilities because now they can climb into rocket ships and gloat at us from space, while we, the enslaved, the powerless, the weak, beg them to be careful and please come back so they can torment us a little more. We entrust our health to people who by rights, in a normal world, we wouldn’t trust to fix a toaster and are led by politicians who should not be allowed out in public without a troop of mental health workers. We have lived through 2 years of hell “for our own good” and how things look, there are those who actually seem to miss being railroaded. Don’t worry you will soon “own nothing, and you will be happy.” The past 2 years were just a taste of the joys to come. Can you curb your excitement?

Cheaply dressed women who, if they lived in our world, we would have no issues calling tramps are role models for our daughters, while our sons are emasculated by men who think that by putting on a skirt somehow makes them into a woman. If he isn’t crying at the movies to show his feminine side, then he has no place in this world. I wonder who will fight the next war – maybe they will all just sit down for a civilised chat over a cup of pumpkin latte. Works every time doesn’t it?

The mob howls against censorship yet they approve of censoring an entire country and no one sees that a one-sided conversation is, as conversations go, useless. “You are bad, so I don’t want to hear what you have to say. I will only listen to the things I want to hear being told to me by people who have my best interest in mind.” I guess no one has watched “Wag the Dog” recently. That those you believe to have your best interests in mind could actually be nefarious and evil with an agenda of their own, never really crossed your mind, did it? Because they never lied to you in the past, did they? Babies in incubators and the evergreen “weapons of mass destruction.” We didn’t get to hear the other side of the story either, did we? Libya was destroyed for their own good so they could have a thriving slave market and vicious, squabbling warlords instead of a stable economy that was going to give the dollar the boot, and the same selfless servants of humanity left Afghanistan in rags and ruins because it advanced Afghani civilization. Currently, Yemen is being destroyed by the self same friends of democracy and freedom who brought you all the golden oldie wars, past, present and future. But I guess little babies from Yemen are less photogenic than Ukrainian waifs. It could also be that there aren’t many babies left in Yemen. Maybe the pesky Palestinians should just accept their genocide and get on with things. It might be worth remembering we don’t get to hear their side of the story because the Palestinians aren’t allowed to make us listen and Yemen has never had a voice. Neither did Somalia. Censorship is nothing new – the difference now – we happily embrace it like a cuddly toy.

I would like to tell you all to think for yourselves. But you won’t. I would like to say, here are the facts, read them. But I don’t even know what the facts are which I could give you. I have my theories and I have my convictions but you would like those less than having your last tooth pulled so I have to leave you, dear reader, to make up your own mind. Life is precious and life is short. You will not get out of this life alive, no matter how many avocados you eat or how much L’Oreal you pound into your face, you will still get old and decrepit and you will die. It just depends on if you have lived to the best of your abilities or have let others dictate your life to you.

And that, my dear readers, is all I have to say this evening, as the weather which isn’t the climate (or is it the other way around) predicts snow in April. I must now prepare for the horrifying prospect of sunshine in summer.


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One thought on “Musings with Tongue in Cheek

  1. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    Yes Eva I have to say you have some really good zingers here that do cut to the chase as to what is really going on and what will happen to this world moving forward; but lo and behold this was foretold in ancient prophecy handed down to us by the Prophets, Jesus Christ and his Apostles; all providing God’s Truth and Word to be our light at the end of this now growing darker by the minute tunnel on the express bus on the highway to hell. Yes hell on earth is our next stop and we should be there momentarily! So sit back and suffer while you go along for the ride or if you prefer; just be another useless minion fool that will take all the jabs that diabolical Fauci who actually looks like a gargoyle to me, and he may very well not be human anymore but through demonic powers and optical illusion which is provided for anyone that looks at him to see a sort of human being but if most people saw what really possesses his soul and is the real Fauci they would probably have a heart attack!

    But he isn’t the only transformer pretend human walking around; the planet is riddled with them now! This zinger got me thinking!

    “Cheaply dressed women who, if they lived in our world, we would have no issues calling tramps are role models for our daughters, while our sons are emasculated by men who think that by putting on a skirt somehow makes them into a woman!”

    Therein lies a huge sign of what is happening for real, something I have written essays about and provided some relatively straightforward truthful factual information for anyone who cares! That’s another problem these days not enough people really care or give a flying bird brain.

    So just for those persons who can’t see the forest for the trees I want to say that we are in a world of shit and there is no escaping that fact while it’s going to get exponentially worse very quickly moving forward, or is that backward, nah actually down!

    I quoted that statement above because my interpretation is that when women went full militant feminist bitches; but yet many of them still like being up on a pedestal and treated like the queen of Sheba they went full nut-job and the matriarchal motherly feminine woman became a fossil and forgotten relic which means kids grow up in a totally dysfunctional asinine upside down not natural proper nurturing quality environment and are far beyond the latchkey kid dilemma of decades ago heading into Satan’s schoolhouse for the tots to be taught the basics of evil with or without parental consent and then to worship of Satan in order to count for anything in this world and beyond, as will be the order of the day! So it’s a race for the kids to be the weirdest and freakiest they can while adulating anything wicked and freakish in order to impress the warlocks and witches that run many of the schools now!

    If anyone says I must be sitting with a load of crap in my pants because they are not only in denial of alcohol or drug addiction but also reality just living the farthest left they possibly can because they tossed belief in God out so meaning to their useless petty lives is pointless to talk about let alone try finding any reason to teach the children about such things as, Harry Potter and Witchcraft or Wizards which are much more tactile and readily available to actually try on for size over believing in the Supreme Being who is really in charge of all that exists; that’s just too much for many people today to wrap their stoked heads around!

    But okay enough of my silliness why not let you watch a couple of videos and check an essay or two or three out that I wrote, so you can possibly begin to see something obvious, but, yet that which has been tolerated far too much or even ignored; the gradual takeover of your minds and hearts by EVIL!

    Listen to this satanic lunatic professor who teaches Californication on campus at USC and I don’t know how you feel but I wouldn’t want this maniac anywhere near as in not even in the same state, any son or daughter of mine!

    Now that you had some laughs and maybe some of you even puked check out this nice narrative about one of today’s top pop star idols of young kids and adults who along with even Cardi B worship by some kids; you have to catch my meaning here or you are a goner for sure!

    I must respond as the Spirit of God directs me to, and, I had to face powerful government crony powers and fight for my rights and even existence, so I have some knowledge and experience; to know what I’m talking about. I did tell those powers that I won’t stop doing what I know to be absolutely right and necessary, and they can stop my body but my soul goes on and belongs to God Almighty, so I fear no man or beast!

    So I don’t like the phony pretenses and airs of many online social media groupies and I stay away from them, I learned fast they are narcissistic self-worshiping, disingenuous fools, but, I can’t help them if they won’t hear truth in their own hearts, that is up to them to get down on both knees and crawl if necessary like I did, fighting tooth and crawl if necessary; to not join into the frenzied wicked Ways of the World! Mostly games and bull shit now for real!

    Again, I mention Taylor Swift who is so far into serving the beast system, and her doing so, young minds are sucking this crud up and turning their hearts over to this New Age Evil Mind Set! Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t see anything remotely approaching this debauchery on this global scale, but since his untimely death the world has gotten vastly more evil and the Devil is more cunning as he traps so many into this web of blasphemy! So I say it like it is and shout it from a roof top if I must, but, I won’t “go along to get along” like so many are doing! And I Hope, you will understand perfectly what I speak and won’t be in any way drawn away from God’s Wisdom and Truth that is there for the taking to those “who have eyes to see and have ears to hear and use them with an open heart to Jesus” in order to respond appropriately especially if speaking to Truth online, which is full of lies and half-truths just like the MSM is propagating to the world! I worked in that business and dumped it hard and fast just like Hollywood when I left it! In it we see a few success stories, but, we never see the multitudes who were lost and ruined possibly ending up in hell for sure, for partaking of those dangerous cauldrons of sin and self-worship and not doing the right thing; like as I see it now in this most tumultuous twisted world that is off the rails and going down hard and fast! Do you not see all of the children as well as adults who have been murdered and sacrificed for the elite power mongers of the world? With their total LIE and SCHEME to take over all!

    My opinion for what it’s worth is you, me and the entire human race don’t have much time left to be the screwed up maniacs most are being because God is going to come down hard and swiftly on all of this in the not distant future Big Time!

    You might want to toss a lot of crap off your life and get praying as a rule every day to Jesus Christ!
    God bless you.

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III


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