Now let us make something clear, this post is not intended for those who identify as something unnatural. It is not meant for those who think 300 pronouns will make the world, miraculously, a better place. It won’t. I am currently addressing the adults in the room.

I expect it is discriminatory but I am honestly so unbrainwashed at this point, I can ignore your whims and fancies; I can look at you with nothing but pity.

Now that I have that out of the way, I don’t expect any of you are actually listening anymore. But before you run off to the telly, I want to ask you a question. What, in this twisted world, is identity? As we all sink into a homogenous swamp where nothing is anything anymore, do any of you feel even the smallest twinge of pity for everything you are losing? Or is everyone just OK with being unidentifiable?

I am not talking about nationalism – or any “isms.” I mean you, the person you were born as to the people who raised you, in the place you call home then and now.

I was born to Czech parents, raised with a Swiss stepfather on the Indian subcontinent. If I could choose, I would not live in Europe. But I do not identify as a Bangladeshi or an Indian. I am European. I have taken on some traits of the countries I grew up in but Indian I am not. My identity is everything I have had the advantage of experiencing, to make me who I am. My identity is utterly clear to me, even if it is befuddling to others. I might not fit the classic model of a European, but I was raised with Czech food, Eastern European customs and Swiss standards. It just happened to be under palm trees and not the Matterhorn. No matter how much I dislike Western Europe, I would still be a misfit in India and realistically, I would still be a firengi. I can say I truly belong no where but that does not change the fact I am European. Identity does not automatically give you the keys to the club. The Swiss have as much trouble understanding me as I them.

So do not be so quick to discard your identity for the lastest flavour of the month. Think hard and long about what makes you the very person you are. There is no human of the world no matter how much that is advertised. We are supposed to be unique.

Be remarkable.

Four be the things I am wiser to know:
Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe.

Four be the things I’d been better without:
Love, curiosity, freckles, and doubt.

Three be the things I shall never attain:
Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.

Three be the things I shall have till I die:
Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye.
INVENTORY- Dorothy Parker

17 thoughts on “Identity

  1. For the sixth year running, I am certifiably not Scottish. 🙂 But, that being said. Identity is a fascinating question. Probably the question of the century. I think your region, followed by your ethnicity are layers of being which interact with or impose upon your individuality. The whole I’d, ego, superego for extreme lack of better terms. I don’t personally view myself as being in a state of conflict, but have in the past, mostly when I had an incomplete picture lacking any ancestral context. (My father has the belief that too much concern with ancestry is in American.) And I know a lot of folks in my age bracket are in conflict with their layers of being- not knowing where they come from makes it harder to ground into where you’re going. We see it I think with a lot of the sad creatures you mentioned who speak of “identity.” But only inasmuch as the latest thing is concerned, nothing sustaining, nothing transcendent or eternal. I certainly feel the passing of what we’re being asked to sacrifice. In that New England is a bit of a ghost in the shell, where hardly anyone has a sense of belonging because everything is a shuffle – isms aside – everyone has been conditioned to view life as transient, with roots being an anchor, a kind of stop-lock on freedom. Whatever that is.


    1. The problem that I see is when people hanker after a false identity and clamber to isms. They are lost essentially because they are going down a nowhere road. Unfortunately people are also conditioned to strive for the unreality of living forever which won’t happen no matter what. We have lost our understanding of society, of humanity, of ourselves. When in fact it isn’t that complicated.

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      1. I think I understand. I’ve called myself a Nationalist for many years now. But I don’t view that as an end goal, or even an operable identity. To the contrary. Nationalism as a singular identity can be harmful when there’s no meat on its bones. What is a Nation? I don’t think one can be had outside of tribes, and tribes and clans have been broken down for parts.

        I love ethnic festivals. I went to the Scottish Heritage Festival today. Most of the people that go are Scottish. You can see it in their face, their posture, and the pride they have in their Scottish roots. But they also have clan networks and such that are still active, even as far afield as New England. They know what they are, mostly. Unlike, say, your generic global citizen. They don’t need the ism. My own, and it’s only a personal belief that I wouldn’t expect anyone outside a handful of friends to agree with, is that the Ism is a means to an end. If a Nationalist isn’t working towards creating a cozy, relatable culture built on love, pride and belonging – what is he (or she) doing?

        But I suppose I’ve left enough mental vomitus on the floor. I do appreciate the thought exercise though. Which I should have opened with before I tossed my word salad.


      2. Exactly. That is the problem with the ‘ism. There is nothing wrong with having pride of nation or pride of self or pride or culture but that is not nationalism. People have forgotten who they are and unfortunately it is no longer encouraged – I can hand you another ism – globalism. If you look deeply, the isms have a root and it is long and twisted.

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      3. Yes. I’ve written about it in a few blogposts, but there’s an extent to which the isms feed one another. “Nationalism” (which kind? Haha) often leads to a pseudo globalism. Globalism treats folks like exchangeable parts, and to a degree, unchecked and unqualified nationalism does the same thing to the exclusion of coloureds. The question remains “to what degree?” Ethnonationalism? Racial Nationalism? Pan-Europeanism? Aryanism? At the end of the day, my isms are Localism and Tribalism. Nationalism is great for facilitating the defence of large territories but it doesn’t have much to say about how you deal with family and neighbours, and I don’t think you can start anything without those – which the movement has repeatedly tried to do. But, ultimately, I find globalism to be more odious. For all my frustrations with nationalism or more the short-sightedness that comes with it, I don’t think it’s evil in the least, but globalism is. I think. Very much so.


      4. In the grim darkness of the future, there is only culture war. (That’s probably only a reference that smacks unless you’re a collosal nerd like I am. But there you go.)

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      5. Nerd here too. Culture war has already started, and the future has few saving graces but we still have the ability to make changes. Being true and never giving up, face adversity by being tall and strong, honesty and virtue, kindness and intelligence. These will takes us far.

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      6. I agree. I know it’s a greeting card sentiment, but I tend to believe the future is what we make it. Operative keyword being “we.” The best lie they’ve sold us down the river with is everyone is alone and there’s no stopping it. Five guys with a grand plan are idiots, 50 are a news writeup, 500 are a pest, 5,000 are a threat, 50,000 are a thing the entire Media-Industrial Complex has to hammer whole populations to silence – and so on. It would be a simple manner to turn Alinksy’s Rules upside down, if enough people did it.

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      7. People need a short, sharp shock. A taser jolt of horror to realise how shameful it is we are manipulated by so few. We lose our hold on culture, on creed and isolated we fall without realising alone has been forced on us. In India, the extended family model is being replaced without an infrastructure in place to catch the misery. In Europe people seem horrified of aging to an extent they prefer shaming the elderly with nursing homes rather than remember a brief 50 years ago it was different. Dying in your own home should not be a luxury. But I digress. We must dare to win and in essence, when we dare, we win.

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      8. I used to work in a “home.” There’s nothing I can tell you of India, but when I was younger I missioned with the college I went to in Guatemala. It was there I saw in flesh what I thought in theory we were missing. Of course, commercialism has corrupted the Guatz in a way that’s more or less what you’d expect and the rot is creeping out from Guatemala City and into the remotest villages. I hated nursing homes. My grandfather was hauled away to one by his ungrateful wife. It’s not something I’ll soon forget.

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  2. Reblogged this on Zero Lift-Off and commented:
    This post is realistic, sensible and honest; gee, what a combination, something we don’t see too much anymore with all that is permeating the MSM, Hollyweird and even the US Marines now with rainbow colored bullets; although I have a sneaking suspicion that any enemies that the Marines engage in combat, won’t give a rat’s ass what color the projectiles are being fired at them!
    I guess that’s all about certain Marines “feelings,” and when those particular troops use their weapon in a war they certainly will feel so much more inclusive being able to shoot the color bullets he, she, they/them or xe/xer/xers, etc and whatever, because it could bring these accurate pronoun users more luck maybe or possibly more accuracy in marksmanship or marksxership; and really could make the difference in whether these accurate pronoun users live or die in battle!
    And as far as what you state here, “As we all sink into a homogenous swamp where nothing is anything anymore,” YES, exactly and I think it all started with making “Nothing Sacred Anymore” to be perfectly blunt, as people has chosen the “lowest common denominator in values and morals,” so what else could these social engineers come up with for our betterment, they who are so wise having come down from Mount Sinai or something; I suppose we need to “trust” these sages or at least the science, maybe?
    Meanwhile, to be a bit adamant and hardcore, just to let the world know in case anyone, “gives a flying leap about my feelings;” I’m sticking with the “Ten Commandments” and they can all call me a “Neanderthal or Fossil” of some kind, but it works for me!
    Excuse me now while I go carve me a new wooden club! Yea, I still fight the old-fashioned way, Mono y mono, ya know with fists, sticks and stones; but Mom was right, sticks and stone will break my bones but Names ( or Pronouns) will never hurt me!
    Hasta la vista, baby!×864.jpg
    Lawrence Morra III

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    1. So true Lawrence, so true. Colored bullets unfortunately still kill but maybe they feel better about it? It is a sickness permeating through our society. When one can’t even look at a rainbow anymore without feeling strangely uncomfortable. We will all need those wooden clubs soon because we are slowly but surely sinking into pits of hell.

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      1. Hi Eva! Great posting and very well done I love it! Absolutely so spot-on that the sickness is a serpentine diabolical toxic venom that’s been injected into not only via the VAX-weapon but for a long time the brainwashing has been relentless and effective! And though very sad what you’ve stated here in this latter portion of this comment to me its unequivocally accurate because mankind has been duped by the purely diabolical to do itself in and the puppet-masters have more than a leg up on their goal to do away with us!

        I was combing the area today taking photos of the ground because after a fast moving midnight rain storm, this morning I saw that wherever the rain water pooled and then leeched into the surface or was absorbed by the soil, a kind of bathtub ring of some green powdery substance was left behind and even coated some smaller plants or debris that was washed around with the puddles of water! I thought how odd it didn’t happen during the busy time of day when everyone would be recording this as they were in their cars or walking in this; whatever it is!

        I had a very stressed bad feeling yesterday all day and then something I was working on to post along religious lines had to be put on the back burner as I was too distracted. Then today your posting really hit home for me as I was thinking about all of this radical disconnect of multitudes of people from reality that is going on, with so many not seeming to get it or have a clue how bad things are getting, and they almost seem to invite it; while I try going in the opposite direction! A niece of mine some years back used to bring up the coming Zombie Apocalypse figuring I could give some worthy feedback, and I didn’t really see how that could really play out; but now I think its arrived and slow but sure many people are Going Zombie!

        Hell can’t be too far behind and we need to pray and stay alert, no monkey business or drifting now; this is where the rubber met the road!

        Keep me posted and I’ll do the same! Thanks for the great perspective!

        Bless you and yours.

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  3. There is a classic film from 1988 called They Live and the even more classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Seen as possibly B rate horrors at the time, they both have a certain significance to our modern world. Take off the glasses and the world is what we are meant to see. Zombie Nation is already reality and desensitization is a part of that. We are stooping to lower and lower levels of cruelty and barely bat an eye. The mobsters who run us force us to consume more, work for less, indebt ourselves to an unsustainable system and in turn we help them destroy our very planet by greed and corruption. They can then turn around and say “but the people wanted it that way..” and blame society for being the stupid farmyard animals we were trained to be. Tesla won’t save the environment (consider the non-recyclable batteries) insisting on buying local will do far more. We live in a backwards, upside down world. Up isn’t up, it is a skewed sideways.


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