A weed, some say, is a flower you have not been introduced to yet.
It is the little thing you thoughtlessly pull up because it does not fit in the herbaceous border you have so carefully planted.
While we are so vigilant about the weeds that grow where we can see them, we are less eager to remove those which we can’t see.
Namely the ones that grow in our own souls.
Now you must be thinking this author has lost it. She has finally stepped off the cliff into the realms of absolute nonsense.


Think of it this way.
We spend an inordinate amount of time pulling out the weeds everyone can see – we polish our appearances when we want to impress, we tidy our homes when we have visitors, we make sure we line up our things just so. The weeds in our outerlives are regimented and appropriately dealt with.
What about the weeds no one can see?
Our bad habits – if you eat that cake at 2 am when no one can see you, doesn’t suddenly make it good for you just because no on can see you. Blame the scale as much as you like tomorrow. Midnight snacks are your weed, no one elses.
We put on a nice face when we go out in public and show ourselves as pious and righteous. But we sleep with our friend’s partners, we kick the cat and shout at our children. We judge others with no remorse. Our weeds of temperment, self idolisation and immorality.
In public we drink a tipple, at home we fall paralytic under the table. Our weeds of sobriety.
We pour our lives into our work. But we forget to take time for ourselves. Our weeds of responsibility.

So ask yourself this as you gaze into the whatnot that will be 2022. Are your resolutions true or will they just become weeds in the basement of your soul? Can you follow through on your promises to yourself and to others? A house is only clean when there is nothing hidden to be ashamed of.

Where are you hiding your weeds?

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

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