‘Tis the Season to be Jollied!

I know everyone is expecting me to say I despise Christmas. In fact, I know everyone wants me to say I find Christmas an insipid, wasteful, ridiculous past time and one that should go the way of the Dodo.

But I won’t.

I refuse.

Truth be told, I like Christmas. I have no animosity at all towards the festive season. I have nothing against Santa, and I think snowmen, silly sweaters and eggnog are actually good fun. I have nothing terrible to say at all.

The only issue I might have is the inefficiency of sleds and reindeers when Santa hits warmer climes but that of course is a matter of experience and has nothing to do with the season itself. As a child, growing up in sunny Bangladesh, my Santa arrived gloriously on the back of a magnificiant elephant. In the eyes of a six year old this appeared far more efficient than reindeers. After all, can you imagine how much loot 12 elephants can carry on their backs? A sleigh in comparision, is a poor choice. Even Hannibal didn’t find much use for reindeer and he only had the Alps to cross.
But I am straying from the point.

What I would like to see is everyone enjoying Christmas as they want, without guilt and without any baggage.
Stop reading the labels on the turkey, desist from ecological wrapping for your presents (newspaper might be friendly, but who in all honesty wants yesterday’s headlines on their present seeing the kind of year it has been). Roast your potatoes smothered in lard, soak your greens in butter, and set your pudding on fire. Bake ginger bread men, give them button eyes and cheery smiles.

Decorate the finest tree you can find with as many baubles as it can carry, string it up in fairy lights and leave them on all night, revel in the multi-coloured little bulbs of glory, shining up the dark. Spread your presents under the tree and wait with breathless anticipation for Christmas morning. Leave out cookies and milk for Santa, and don’t forget a little shawl for the elves.

Stuff your stockings to bursting with candy and sweets. Gift like you may never gift again.
Once a year, celebrate yourself, your family, your lives and your holiday without inhibitions. Don’t feel bad for liking Christmas. Don’t apolgise for the gifts you give and the food you serve. Don’t be ashamed of your tree or your choices in attire and alcohol.

So hum bug to all of you spoil sports with your eco wrappings and your plastic trees and carefully sourced meals from reliable vendors and your thoughtful, useful gifts.
For once, just be jolly.

I know I will be. And I won’t be saying sorry.

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