Dance With the Devil

I have lived long enough to realize the world isn’t what it seems to be.

No, I am not going to mention The Matrix because then I may as well not write anything again. That would be too simple. I don’t think we are batteries for an alien race.

We are batteries though. We are stupid, single celled cretins who provide services for those who laugh at us. They give us treats when we behave and take them away if we are naughty.

The laughers are not Illuminati. They are not some hood wearing band of villains who eat cats. It isn’t the Knights Templar or even the Freemasons. Those are names for the bogeyman,thrown around by those who know you don’t read your history books anymore.

It is the smug, suit wearing, serpent tongued goblin men who sneer at us on the 9 o’clock news, as they smoothly announce the next wondrous thing they are doing for our health. They too know we don’t read anymore. The same band of jesters who coax us into war for someone else’s and our own good. This ludicrous gang of supercillious swamp thumpers who, in the real world, if there was such a thing anymore, would have about as much credibility as the modern Sesame Street does.

In Vienna they lock down the entire country and then go to a “business event” to raise money for the peasants they have just ruined. What irony. Those “caring and concerned” soulless sneaks were laughing in their sleeves at the Austrian people. But remember, it is for your own good.

It is our own fault.

We let fear rule us, and allow our politicians to divide us. Since we don’t read anymore, they know we no longer understand how easy we made it for them with Divide and Rule. Our health ministers know just enough about health to tell us to wash our hands because, until 2019, we never took a bath. We allow them to tower over us holding fear as their weapon.

We fear losing our jobs because we rely on their currency to buy the bread we make for them. We live in fear of our neighbors and our friends and I won’t even mention strangers. We fear losing the little we still own while glued to our televisions watching programmes about how wonderful their lives are. No matter how hard you work you will never be them. Merit counts for nothing and your good intentions are not wanted.

It is your fault.

Keep giving your toddlers mobile phones to play with. Give them the least wholesome food for their minds and souls so they can turn out just like you. The gullible masses, the tired and the terrified who have no dreams and nothing left to strive for, dumbly ruled by people who should actually work for you.

You elect them based on what sound like good ideas knowing full well they will go back on everything they say. Blindly you listen to their speeches and stupidly hope that this time will be better. It never is and we dumb apes scratch our bottoms and wonder why. Wishful thinking never won a war.

Governments laugh at us knowing full well we believe we are powerless. Those that resist – in the past they at least had the dignity of a bullet to their heads. Nowadays they are just killed in the pit of public opinion. The world doesn’t even blink when people are shot in Rotterdam – because the scared masses actually believe the government was right. It was for your good in some twisted way.

Do you honestly believe you will fair any better when your time comes? Do you really think followers are treated with privilege when those that rule you need a new amusement? You still have time to read your history if you even know anymore what that is.

We come into this world screaming because we have a reason to be afraid of the unknown. Then we live our lives in silence, cowering and meekly obeying, without thinking. We put our faith in false gods hoping they will save us when in fact they know perfectly well we can save ourselves.

There is no greater good. There is in fact no good at all. There is only us and the devil and he is having a grand time as we worship at his altar of consumption. We have been reduced to squabbling over toilet paper. We dance to sordidness because real beauty is boring. Mockery has replaced humor and insults are accepted. Don’t be kind, don’t be anything at all, just follow your own steps to the grave you dig for yourself.

The next time you watch your favorite program, or eat your delicious chips or listen to a person in a suit, ask yourself if you aren’t actually better than this? I can only hope you conclude that you are.

But I know you won’t. Complacency is easy. That’s the world you have grown to love and admire as you wait for the silver spoon to magically appear in your expectant mouth. Doing what is right would take an effort your brain is no longer capable of processing. It is comfortable to clap like a trained seal. When your indignation is required, the ringmaster will let you know.

I won’t tell you it isn’t your fault, you can’t help your manipulation because that would mean I resolve you of responsibility. I won’t do that. It is your fault. You let yourself become lazy and gullible. Your brain was not born like that. You bought into all the lies and you clamor for false praise. It is your fault. You have failed as a human because you have forgotten what it is to be human in the first place.

Unfortunately, the rest of us have to live with you.

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