Time fleets past us like a horse with wings, mythical and unreal, it flows in an endless race, away from us, dragging us along. We are unwittingly running without moving, every moment of our lives. Until one day we stop. To our surprise perhaps or to our relief.
The past hunts us down and we cannot change it as we sail into a future we have yet to witness in a present we desperately believe we can hold. Every second is a piece of your past happening as you breath in the present and move into the future unknowing. As soon as as we are born we are already moving towards our end.
Yet we choose to spend these precious seconds worthlessly as if we have a million to spare.
We fill our precious moments with thoughts of what if instead of why not, and doubt instead of I will. Only the young believe they are immortal and the old who know that immortality is achievable if you have lived a worthy life. Immortality is not reached by throwing money at it, by putting your name in lights, by cheating your way to fame and then using it to enrich only yourself. That is a momentary gain of a weak and cowardly mind, of someone so afraid of dying unknown they forget to live a good life. Immortality is when your grandchildren covet your recipes or remember your favourite flower and never forget to bring one to your grave. It is when your children remember you with a smile as they tell a tale of your life to the little ones who have never met you but they carry your story through their lives and into that of others. It is when a son looks at his own son and thinks his father would be proud of him.
Fear of obscurity keeps us from living and leads us to live a vapid life of clicks and likes and we make pointless videos watched by strangers we think are our friends. But we are too ashamed of a simple job well done.
What goals and aspirations do you have -as a human being, as a man and as a woman? We can’t all be astronauts but we can all love the stars.
I want to sit on a swing and feel the wind rush past my ears as I go higher and higher into a clear blue sky. It won’t make me famous but it will make me happy. And maybe someone I love will remember I smiled.

Photo by Robin McPherson on Pexels.com

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