All Free Yet?

Ask yourself, just for a moment, when you can spare it, what does it truly mean to be free?

Is it when Friday ends and the weekend begins? Two days that belong to you – but do they really? You aren’t free to choose your weekend. It is dictated to you when you are “free.” And you really aren’t free to do what you want,are you? If you were, I can almost certainly say that you would not spend time doing laundry. When you finish your chores, then are you free?

Actually no.

You oblige yourself to society, all the must go to events, the bars, the nightlife, the museums, the have to hikes and the fresh air sports that are good for you. Obligations and the guilt of not performing them – this isn’t freedom.

You aren’t free to decide either. Your budget dictates what you eat, wear and where you go, if you were monetarily free, it would be beefsteak for breakfast and holidays that last a year. Instead it’s beans on toast and maybe a week in Brighton if you are lucky. You can’t decide to be rich and you definitely didn’t decide to be poor. They say it’s “the luck of the draw” but you weren’t free to spin the wheel.

We aren’t free to die, someone out there tells us it’s a sin, but we aren’t free to live either. There is a price on all of our choices and all of those come with consequences that dictate in turn how “free” we think we are.

Our thoughts are only free in our heads – as soon as they come out of our mouths we can hear the cogwheels of society churning and it will tell us in no uncertain terms how free our speech really is.

So we bargain with the devil and call it freedom to strike a deal with life to keep ourselves sane. No one and nothing is truly free.

2 thoughts on “All Free Yet?

  1. I tend to think there comes a certain freedom from recognizing the things you’ve mentioned. Metacognition. Most folk don’t have this, most live in a dream and are passengers. Maybe we remain passengers, but I think that with knowledge of place, or a sense of purpose, meaning can be injected into the meaninglessness of the Petri Dish designed obsolescence has encouraged our world to become.

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