Going Up

The Gurten is a solid, rather stoic, hill just outside my front door. It is called a mountain but at 858 meters high, it does not have Alpine aspirations. I prefer calling it a hill.

Walk up, through Gurten Dorf

The walk up is steep but it is do-able. For the less intrepid there is a funicular railway, which whisks you up to the top in a few minutes. That is a nice option to have,especially if you aren’t keen on facing a one hour ascent. But the walk has some bonuses.

The mountains peaking through

And you can meet the wildlife

Deer on the Gurten

Walk through the snowy woods

Up through the snow

In the summer, before the world was turned upside down we used to have an open air festival on the Gurten.


But that is in the past for now, what ever the future brings..There will always be other reasons to go up.

The sunrise.

And the Alps

The view

Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and the rest of their friends

And of course you can go up at night, lay on the grass on a warm summer night..

The sun goes down, the moon comes up and the city lights up..

On the Gurten, just for a little while you can still dream…

The end of the walk up

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