Going Somewhere Without Going Anywhere

I am tired of everyone moaning. Yes, 2020 was a terrible year for most of us. We suddenly had to stare at our own four walls instead of complaining about some else’s. We realised that Face Time is not a substitute for seeing our friends and we have done everything we can to follow a list of increasingly terrifying guidelines. We have come to the realisation that we will probably not be celebrating Christmas in Maldives, our wedding in the Amazons is on hold and that Cuba Libre in Lanzarote will just have to wait. It is all so miserable and depressing.

I am not going to tell you “things will get better,” because I don’t know what is awful for you. I won’t say that by next week, or next month or next year you will be bungee jumping in New Zealand – because you might actually be scared of heights. And I also won’t tell you that “travel in the future will be redefined” because frankly, that is the most silly thing I have ever heard. It is neither encouraging or helpful. Travel is constantly being redefined. Anyone who has spent any time gallivanting around the planet knows how quickly things can change. One minute, you are happily dreaming of 6 months in India and the next minute they change the visa regulations…

I have not left Switzerland now since 2018. My last trip was to Goa, India. I did not know at the time it was going to be my last trip. If I had known that, I probably would have spent my time there better. Life took over and I did not have to the chance to leave again. Now, I don’t know when I will be able to. I can take that 1 of 2 ways – I can cry in my soup or I can just face up to the fact I should have had an extra curry.

Whining doesn’t help. Going through old photographs doesn’t really either. “Virtual travel” is boring – unless they invent a plug in where I can actually smell the streets and feel the heat in a stifling bazaar, I have no time for an unreal form of “reality”. That is fine for people who never had the intention of leaving their four walls in the first place. You haven’t actually been there, stop telling me you have.

So since we are all stuck in the same boat, travellers with no possibility of travelling or the budgets that allow us flaunt rules, I am embarking on something new…as soon as I have defined it, I will tell you. So expect to expect something from Odd Guides. After all a journey doesn’t have to be long to be interesting.

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