Everything and More – Mapusa Market

As India reaches the stage of modernity where shopping malls and supermarkets are slowly swamping the landscape with their crass architecture and appalling prices, there seems to be little hope for the open air market. Those wonderous places I remember as a child in Dhaka and through out my travels through India, where the sights, sounds and smells remain imprinted in your mind for a lifetime. There is nothing more thrilling than walking through the maze of narrow lanes, each one with it’s own speciality, spoiled for choice.
The market in Mapusa, Goa,  does not disappoint. 

 And rows of neatly piled ginger, garlic and limes..

Spices of every description.
Frankincense, and every type of incense imaginable.
The bread stalls tantalize
While the rice stands neatly alert, waiting for customers.
Jaggery piled in neat triangles.

 Elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus paeoniifolius) gnarly in their glory, delightful in taste.

Fish, anyone? Fresh..
Or dried…
For those who aren’t quite so hungry, snacks are available.
The discerning, fashionable lady is not left out,  there is of course clothing, bangles and cloth.
Do you need a pot or a pan?

 Or a mop?

And putting a smile on the face of the world, a cascade of flowers.

Everything a market should be.

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